More people than ever understand the value of strategic communication.

The Communications Matters model is designed to help communication practitioners and their colleagues working in other disciplines (program, evaluation, and executive leaders) build a common language and shared understanding for the role that strategic communication plays in advancing lasting social change.

On this page, you will find downloadable presentations accompanying the four pillars and 16 attributes found in the Communication Matters model.

Here are some ways we think these presentation decks could be used:

  • Host an event or prompt a conversation about communications at your organization
  • Use presentations as a training tool for others in your organization
  • Download individual presentations or all presentations as one file as targeted or comprehensive self-assessment tools

Use these presentations as you see fit to improve your organization’s communications capacity and effectiveness, and make the case for smart, strategic communication.

Powerpoint Presentations

Download a slide deck with everything or pick a specific attribute below.