Communication matters.
Organizations that do it well are
stronger, smarter, and more
effective at creating change.

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This model for effective communication is based on attitudes, beliefs, and practices reported by hundreds of professionals across the social sector.

  • BRAND Every social change organization, no matter its size or purpose, has three key assets that shape its identity: resources, reputation and relationships.

  • CULTURE Communicating organizations cultivate certain qualities that make their work compelling to others. You may not have all in equal measure, but you need a minimum supply of each to succeed.

  • STRATEGY Effective organizations are always strategic (deliberate and intentional) about their communication choices, weighing several distinct, yet related, variables before they act.

  • ACTION Communicating should never be a one-way activity. Success demands a continuous, virtuous, self-correcting cycle of sending and receiving, plus the ability to cede control.

Communication helps drive social change when brand, culture, strategy and action are aligned. Download the model graphic in .pdf or .jpg format below.

MODEL for effective communication

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