Project Credits

Thank you to all who helped in the design and execution of the Communication Matters project, including the Advisory Committee, the Communications Network board of directors, and countless other partners and collaborators.

Project Team

  • AGENCY 3.0 – AGENCY 3.0 offers custom and creative solutions for business and non-profit organizations that want to create a website or web strategy to more effectively communicate with their audience. Learn more at

  • Brotherton Strategies – Brotherton Strategies is a Seattle-based strategic communications agency serving a mix of mission-driven, socially responsible organizations worldwide. Since 2004, the firm has helped advance social change by researching, designing, planning and implementing smart communication programs for more than 100 foundations, NGOs, non-profits and for-profit partners. Learn more at

  • J Sherman Studio – J Sherman Studio is an independent design firm of three uniquely talented and creative women, located just outside of Boston. The Studio partners with clients to get results. They strive to make design—a sometimes fuzzy, subjective, and nebulous endeavor—straightforward and fun. They are committed to their aesthetic and design style and focus on providing professional, flexible, and friendly design services. J Sherman Studio works with organizations and businesses in the non-profit and for-profit sector providing art direction, brand strategy, and visual design services, all with excellent project management and on a long-term basis. Learn more at

Special thanks to:

David Adler, Rebecca Arno, Kevin Bolduc, Danielle Breslin, David Brotherton, Eric Brown, Michael Brown, Megan Brownell, Dennis Chicola, Kevin Corcoran, Maureen Cozine, Mark Dessauer, Robin Dixon, Marcus Escobedo, Brian Eule, Sean Gibbons, Regan Gruber Moffitt, Jen Humke, Alfred Ironside, Krista Jahnke, Matt James, Minna Jung, Joanne Krell, Martha Landrum, Stefan Lanfer, Fred Mann, Marc Moorghen, Tara Nadel, Charity Perkins, Kevin Rafter, Cynthia Ragland, Danielle Reyes, Doug Root, Jesse Salazar, Shaady Salehi, David Sandman, Diana Scearce, Chris Shearer, Daniel Silverman, Cassandra Stalzer, Erin Tochen, Bruce Trachtenberg, Joya Vanerjee, Dana Vickers Shelley, Jenn Whinnem, Heath Wickline, Risa Wilkerson, and Craig C. Ziegler.